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Our Story

A Little About Us

From CDMX to Los Cabos, Grupo Hunan has been a mainstay of the Mexican restaurant scene for 28+ years, providing innovative culinary experiences that satiate all the senses

Our lively, authentic ingredients are the kind that will instantly transport you to a beachside cantina in Mexico—in other words


Cabo to California

Grupo Hunan’s first venture outside of Mexico, Alma is inspired by Baja California’s raw, coastal landscape, sun-kissed flora, and vibrant food culture

Aqui Te Esperamos

For us, together is a way of life. We invite you and yours to come in, share plates, clink some glasses, and—most importantly—enjoy

Our Familia

Passionate about food and good service, Grupo Hunan was born in 1993 in Mexico City to create unique experiences that become part of the best moments of your life

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